Selling goods safely on eBay What it costs to advertise

There are two main charges when you sell on eBay. The insertion fee is a charge that eBay makes for letting you put your item on the site, and you pay this whether or not your item sells. The amount depends on how much you start your sale for.

For example, if you start it at 99p, the fee is 15p. The maximum you pay is £3. The second charge is the final-value fee and you pay this only if your item sells. eBay will take 5.25% of the first £29.99 you make, and a smaller percentage of anything you make after that, depending on how much your item sells for. So if you sell something for £100, you'll pay a total of £5.85 in fees (£2 insertion fee plus £3.85 final-value fee).

You can opt to pay small additional fees to make your listing more attractive - for example, by adding extra photos or changing the design of your listing so it stands out more. 

Seasoned eBayers can list their item with a fixed price as a 'buy it now' sale. The first person to offer this price buys the item. This costs an extra fee but never more than 25p. To qualify as a 'buy it now' seller, you need a feedback score of 10 (see 'Feedback' in our 'eBay jargon buster').

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