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Xbox 360 Wi-Fi adaptor

Use a wi-fi adaptor to connect an Xbox 360 to your wireless router

Wireless routers for online gaming

All the popular games consoles are now capable of connecting to broadband internet for multiplayer online gaming, downloading new games or software updates or accessing additional web features such as BBC iPlayer. 

The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Slim can connect to the PlayStation Network either via ethernet or at Wireless G speeds.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Elite has an Ethernet connection out of the box, but for wireless connection you’ll need to buy an optional Wireless G or N wi-fi adaptor. 

The Nintendo Wii has a Wireless G wi-fi connection for use with a wireless network, though you can buy a separate adaptor that converts one of the Wii’s USB ports to an Ethernet socket for connection to wired networks. 

Handheld games consoles such as the Nintendo DSi XL and Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) 3000 also have wi-fi capabilities to connect to wireless networks.