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Destinator 9 is available for the iPhone and Android apps. We put the iPhone version through our on-road and in-lab tests, the same tests all our apps and dedicated sat navs go through. Destinator is a relatively unknown name in the world of sat navs, so is it any good?
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Test criteria Rating
Route accuracy How good the sat nav is at finding a logical route and directing you along it safely (without making illegal turns, for example) Subscribe
Pinpoint destinations How accurate the sat nav system is at detecting exact location of target - like house numbers and Points of interest. Subscribe
Speed of re-routing How quickly and accurately the sat nav sytem can re-route Subscribe
Overall performance Overall performance Subscribe
Clarity of onscreen directions How easy it is to follow directions on the screen Subscribe
Visual prompts How clear the schematics are (for example the depiction of roundabouts and road layouts) Subscribe
Quality of audio instructions The richness and detail of audio instructions Subscribe
Sound quality How clear the sound is Subscribe
Quality of map data How detailed and clear the mapping information is Subscribe
Handling multiple junctions How well each system directed us through 2 or more junctions occurring in quick succession Subscribe
Setting up How easy it is to install it in the car, ready to use Subscribe
Programming How easy it is to programme Subscribe
Using while mobile How easy it is to operate while on the move Subscribe
Saving favourite routes How easy it is to save a route to the memory Subscribe
Changing routes How easy it is to make changes to the route (perhaps because of traffic or just a change of mind) Subscribe
Removing from car How easy it is to remove the device when you leave the car Subscribe
Portability How easy it is to store the device in a pocket or a handbag when you leave the car Subscribe
Overall ease of use How easy the sat nav system is to use overall Subscribe
Overall features A rating based on an examination of the usefullness of all the sat nav's features Subscribe

Destinator 9 iPhone 4

  • Launch date: Jul 2011
  • Type: App
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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