Tablets: Compare features & prices Apple iPad Mini (16GB + WiFi) review

Steve Jobs famously called 7-inch tablets 'dead on arrival' but the iPad Mini sees Apple go back on this statement . The hotly awaited iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch screen and is light and portable and Apple claims it's 'every inch an iPad'. We put this claim to the test in our labs.
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Apple iPad Mini (16GB + WiFi)

  • Launch date: Oct 2012
  • Which? score: Subscribe
Top 3 of 47 retailers
Alzashop £175.36
Amazon Marketplace UK £178.45 £184.93
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Test Programme Version 2012
Screen size (inches) 7.9
Claimed storage size (GB) 16.0
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Test results
Web browsing Subscribe
Touchscreen response Subscribe
Battery Subscribe
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