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What should I look for in a digital photo frame?

The more pixels the better, as fine detail in your photos will be more visible. Digital photo frames with fewer pixels have a low resolution and will make straight lines appear jagged.

For help choosing the best digital photo frame watch the Which? buyers' guide video

Can I boost the number of photos the digital photo frame can hold?

Digital photo frame inserts

Inserts allows you to change the digital photo frames surround to suit your décor or mood

Digital photo frames tend to have a small fixed amount of internal memory – typically up to around 512MB. By inserting a compatible memory card or USB device, you can vastly increase your frame's storage capacity.

Memory cards are increasing in size all the time, so even if your digital photo frame comes with one it may be possible to upgrade to a larger version. 32GB cards are now available – this is enough to hold approximately 10,000 6Mp photos.

Given that the resolution of most digital photo frames is much less than the original photo resolution, there’s no benefit to putting 8Mp images, say, onto a 1Mp frame, as it's likely to slow the display down as it scales the images to fit. If you resize your images on a computer and put these on to the photo frame, you’ll be able to fit many more photos.

How do I remove interchangeable inserts from my digital photo frame?

Some of the digital photo frames we tested have interchangeable inserts. This is a nice touch as it allows you to change the surround to suit your décor or mood. It’s often difficult to remove the inserts, but we found that a strip of sticky tape applied to a corner will help you to pull it off.

Are there any digital photo frames that use rechargeable batteries?

Though lots of people have asked about rechargable photo frames, they’re still quite rare. That’s because digital photo frames are power-hungry (most use around 5-6W), so most still need a mains connection. This means that if you hang your digital photo frame on the wall, you’ll have to put up with having an ugly black power cable running to the nearest plug socket.

The Kodak Easyshare S730 does have a rechargeable battery. However the battery lasts for only a few hours – so you’ll need to keep it plugged in for most of the time.

Digital photo frame monitor

Viewing your photos on a computer monitor is an alternative to buying a digital photo frame

What's the best way to display my digital photo frame?

Try to avoid putting the display in direct sunlight – the glare means you'll be unable to see photos. LCD screens on digital photo frames work best in the shade or in slightly darkened rooms.

Many digital photo frames can be wall mounted – look for models with holes or hooks on the back. One further issue to consider is that unless the frame can be powered by batteries, the power cable will need to hang down your wall to reach the mains socket.

Are there any cheaper alternatives to digital photo frames?

Though it's possible to get a good deal on a digital photo frame, our cheapest Best Buy digital photo frame is around £70.

A free alternative is to use your flat-screen computer monitor to display your photos. By downloading Google Picasa, or similar photo viewing software, you can set it up to display a slideshow of your chosen photos.

The slideshow can either run at the push of a button, or as a photo screensaver that will display whenever your computer isn’t in use. Another advantage is that even a 15-inch LCD flat-screen monitor is larger than the biggest widely available digital photo frames.

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