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Memory cards

The  best digital photo frames are compatible with a wide range of memory cards

Digital photo frame memory

Many digital photo frames have a built-in memory so that you can copy photos straight from your computer or camera to the frame. If there’s no internal memory, you’ll need to leave your memory card inserted in the frame.

Digital photo frames can usually accept most types of memory cards. Popular ones include CompactFlash (CF), Memory Stick (MS), Secure Digital (SD), xD, and MicroDrive (MD).

Check that the digital photo frame you plan to buy is compatible with the card used by your camera.

For help choosing the best digital photo frame watch the Which? buyers' guide video

The table below gives a guide as to how many photos of each image resolution will fit on a 1GB memory card.

Number of Jpeg photos which fit on a 1GB capacity memory carda
Image resolution 2Mp 3Mp 4Mp 5Mp 6Mp 7Mp 8Mp
Jpeg photos 1140 850 510 410 320 260 230

Table notes

  1. Based on average file sizes. Actual number of images per card will vary and depends on the camera model and type of scene being photographed


A USB connection socket means that the digital photo frame can be connected directly to a PC for file transfer, and can also mean that the frame will function as a useful extra memory card reader.

Digital photo frames with wireless networking (wi-fi)

Some digital photo frames have the ability to connect to a wireless (wi-fi) network, so you can stream pictures direct from your computer or send them directly to the frame via the internet or email.

Read our wireless router reviews to make sure you get the best out of a wireless broadband connection.

Some wi-fi digital photo frames come with a built-in web browser, enabling connection to the internet via your wireless network. Some can even automatically update with new photos from photo-sharing sites such as Flickr or Picasa via RSS feeds.

Digital photo frame hdmi usb ports

HDMI and USB ports make connecting to TV and PC easy

Alternatively, the frame comes with a unique email address so friends and family can email their chosen photos directly to your wireless digital photo frame.

TV Out

A TV Out connection on a digital photo frame allows you to display your photos on your TV – great for when you have friends and family visiting.


An HDMI socket on a digital photo frame enables connection to a compatible HD TV, so your photos can display on the larger screen of the TV in full high-definition resolution.


This enables you to send or copy photos from a Bluetooth-compatible device, such as a mobile phone, straight to the digital photo frame.

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