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This article, How to buy the best digital photo frame, was last updated on 03 March 2010 and is now out of date and held in our online archive for reference. Explore our latest Technology articles.

digital photo frame menu image resolution

The image quality and resolution of digital photo frames can vary, so look for a Best Buy model

Deciding to buy a digital photo frame is an easy decision. Picking a good one is much harder. It can be extremely difficult to tell the difference when you’re in the shop, yet prices can vary enormously.

That’s where Which? can help. Unlike many other organisations, we actually put all the models we write about through rigorous lab testing.

And we don’t accept press samples. The digital photo frames we assess are all bought from the same high street shops you’re likely to use.

For help choosing the best digital photo frame watch the Which? buyers' guide video

Digital photo frames: image quality

When buying a digital photo frame, you'll want one that will make your photos look fantastic.

That’s why we put all the digital photo frames we review through an exhaustive image quality assessment. Our experts assess a range of photos and videos, in both portrait and landscape orientation.

All our Best Buy digital photo frames offer excellent image quality. Log in to read full reviews of Which? Best Buy digital photo frames.

Digital photo frame control buttons

Controls are often on the rear of the frame - a remote might be easier to use

Controls on digital photo frames

Every digital photo frame should have simple, easy-to-use controls, but many are less than intuitive to use.

Buttons should be clearly labelled and accessible – ideally on the top of the frame, rather than on the back. Some digital photo frames are more responsive than others – there may be an annoying time lag after pressing a button before the frame responds.

Touch-sensitive controls are becoming more widespread on digital photo frames. Rather than having control buttons, touch sensors are embedded in the edge of the frame, and icons illuminate when they sense your finger.

As with all touchscreens, these can fall victim to dirty finger marks, so regular cleaning may be necessary to keep your digital photo frame looking its shiny best.

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