How we test digital photo frames

We use independent experienced assessors to rate picture quality on the digital photo frames.

Power Measurement

As well as image quality we also test power consumption

Testing picture quality

Our experts assess a range of photos and videos, in both portrait and landscape orientation. They give their scores based on the crispness of the image and the accuracy of the colours that are reproduced. 

They also consider how well the frames handle 'downsampling', that is reproducing photos that were taken at a very high resolution without losing any of the fine detail, and how the images look when viewed at an angle.

Ease of use

We check how easy it is to set up the frames and  assess the quality of the instruction manual. We then perform a series of tasks to replicate everyday use. 

We insert and remove different memory cards and look at the clarity of the menu structure. 

We add, and play, a range of content, including photographs and music and video files. Finally we check how fast each frame is at displaying thumbnail versions of your saved snaps.

Test scores and our evaluation

Once we have all our test results in, we evaluate the data to determine the total test score for each digital photo frame. To be a Best Buy a digital photo frame must score 72% or above.

The total test score is based on the following weightings:

  • 50% - image quality
  • 25% - ease of use
  • 15% - features
  • 10% - power consumption

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