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Nikon is second only to arch-rival Canon when it comes to sales of digital cameras, and the popularity of the brand with professional photographers has made it successful with enthusiastic amateurs. Is it worth joining them and choosing Nikon next time you buy?

Alhough it’s best known for its digital SLRs, Nikon also produces point-and-shoot cameras, super-zoom cameras and some of the best enthusiast compact cameras around, with more Best Buy awards per model reviewed than any other manufacturer. Like Canon, though, its cameras often carry a price premium, and Nikon hasn’t always been forward in pushing new technologies, such as GPS or wi-fi, across its whole range.

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Nikon digital cameras – our verdict

Every year we test hundreds of new digital cameras, and that includes the latest models from Nikon. We’ve tested 15 in the last year and more than 26 overall and counting, which means we have a real expert overview of the entire Nikon range.

In the table below, Which? members can read our expert verdict on Nikon digital cameras. Does the brand live up to its high-end reputation, or can you still come a-cropper when you buy a Nikon camera?

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Nikon digital cameras - our verdict
Number of models tested24
ProsRead our expert review on what Nikon digital cameras do best

Read our expert review on the main drawbacks of Nikon digital cameras

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Nikon digital camera ranges

Nikon Coolpix P330

Nikon's Coolpix P330

Nikon manufactures several different lines of camera, covering everything from basic models for casual photographers to cameras that professional photographers might use as a back up. Here’s our run-down:

Nikon Coolpix L series

The L Series is Nikon’s entry-level range of cameras, but that doesn’t necessarily mean any compromise on quality, and you can still find models with long zooms, HD video and lots of scene modes. While some of the most affordable options take mediocre pictures, others punch above their weight with good image quality and 14x optical zooms.

Nikon Coolpix S Series

With S standing for style, the Coolpix S series is Nikon’s mainstream range of cameras. While the emphasis is on slimline design, you’ll still find models with 7x, 10x or even 18x optical zooms, plus wi-fi, GPS and other mod cons. Image quality might not hit the same heights as Nikon’s P series cameras, but it’s still consistently good.

Nikon Coolpix P Series

The P Series is Nikon’s more advanced enthusiast line, with cameras ranging from premium compact models, like the Coolpix P3 series, through larger cameras aimed at enthusiast photographers, like the Coolpix P7 series to high-quality super-zoom cameras like the Coolpix P5 series. P series cameras have been awarded several Best Buys.

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