How we test office suites

Google Docs screenshot - document presentation spreadsheet

Real life tests

Each office suite is tested to find out how easy it is to use. We create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on each of the software packages just as you would if you were using it at home to write a letter or build a basic budget spreadsheet, say. We can then assess how easy it would be for a typical home computer user to carry out the same tasks.

We concentrate on doing the sorts of things the average person would do using an office suite. We change the size and boldness of text, put borders around things, add columns to our spreadsheets and create calculations for them to perform.

Finding your way around the programs

Each suite is rated on how easy it is to find different menus and functions in each of the programs. We rate the number and quality of any pre-designed templates available within the program and scrutinise the help sections to determine whether they do actually help.