Blu-ray disc quality Blu-ray viewing results

There's no doubt that some Blu-rays look fantastic, but Which? put the claims to the test and has found that some Blu-ray movies are almost identical in picture quality to standard DVDs.

But even if your Blu-ray discs and DVDs are top-notch, you still need a Blu-ray player and television that will do them justice. Which? tests more than 20 Blu-ray players throughout the year with multiple titles across DVDs and both standard and 3D Blu-ray discs, and our expert tests reveal that not all are created equal. Our Best Buy Blu-ray players will make your favourite films look crystal clear and sound great, while being quick to load discs and straightforward to use.

Video guide: Which Blu-ray discs look best compared to DVD?

Watch our video to find out more about what we found in our Blu-ray disc test.


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Blu-ray versus DVD

The best Blu-ray films looked simply outstanding, but only five out of the 17 discs we watched were of the highest high-definition quality we were expecting. Some of the other Blu-ray discs came close, but several proved disappointing and a handful virtually no better than DVD.

The results fell into one of three distinct groups:

  • Blu-ray was significantly better than the DVD and boasts the best full-HD picture quality
  • Blu-ray was significantly better than the DVD, but not outstanding. DVD quality was usually disappointing
  • Blu-ray was marginally better than DVD but not outstanding. In some cases it offers virtually no improvement

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