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The Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine is available in white and silver 

Samsung Ecobubble washing machine

Samsung's new washing machine technology emphasises the power of foam to deliver more efficient cleaning at lower temperatures.

The Ecobubble system works by mixing detergent and water in a special foam generator at the base of the washing machine, rather than the more conventional system of mixing in the drum, and then injecting the foam into the drum.

According to Samsung, the Ecobubble system lowers the surface tension of the water, meaning that the foam molecules can penetrate fabric more easily and clean more effectively. This reduces the temperature needed for washing, so Samsung says you can switch from washing, say at 60 degrees, to 40 degrees, or from 40 to 20, giving an energy saving of up to 70%.

To find out more about the Samsung Ecobubble system watch our First Look video review below.

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LG Styler clothes steaming wardrobe

One of the more bizarre prototype home appliances on show at IFA 2010 was the LG Styler. The Styler is the size of a tall fridge-freezer and claims to freshen, steam clean, deodorise and remove creases from clothes without the need for ironing.

It works in a similar way to many steam ovens, requiring no plumbing-in. Instead, inside the main door at the base of the appliance are two water reservoirs. These are used to produce steam which is then circulated around the  Styler's interior where your clothes hang from the integral vibrating hanging rail or are laid flat on one of the two shelves. 

A touch-control panel on the outside of the LG Styler's door lets you select the desired programme, most of which take just 35 minutes. According to LG the Styler is ideal for refreshing, deodorising or sanitising clothing in between washes, for example a suit or dress that may have been worn in a smoky environment.

The LG Styler is likely to cost around £2,000 when it launches in the UK. To see it in action, watch our First Look video review below.

LG's Styler may be futuristic, but its price tag and size are unlikely to make it a replacement for your trusty iron any time soon. For reviews of more than 100 of the latest steam irons, be sure to read our Best Buy iron reviews.


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LG Hom-bot

The LG Hom-bot (pronounced Home bot) is the first robotic vacuum cleaner from LG. Predicted to be priced at around £500 when it arrives in the UK, the Hom-bot packs plenty of innovative technology into its circular body.

For starters there are two on-board cameras - one on the top which scans the ceiling of the rooms you ask your Hom-bot to clean, and one beneath which helps to work out where in the room it's vacuuming at a particular time.

Other clever technology includes ultrasonic sensors around the edge to help the Hom-bot to locate the boundaries of the room, plus infra-red sensors on the underside.

The Hom-bot doesn't vacuum in a random pattern, but instead can be programmed to work in a zig-zag pattern, similar to mowing stripes in a lawn, or a cell-by-cell technique where the Hom-bot works its way round the edge of a room, then vacuums individual square 'cells' of floor one at a time.

Inside, there's a lithium-ion battery with a claimed life of 90 minutes continuous vacuuming. The dust container is simple to access, under a lift-up flap, and holds 0.8 litres of dust.

For more robotic vacuum cleaner action as we get hands-on with the Hom-bot at IFA 2010, watch our First Look video below.

Or, if robotic vacuum cleaners are a little too sci-fi, or too expensive, read our review of more conventional Best Buy vacuum cleaners.


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