Internet TV: Samsung 55C8000

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Samsung's 'internet@TV' on the 2010 series UE55C8000 LED TV. Watch the video review:


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Samsung UE55C8000
Net TV interface:
Pros: Plenty of content, app store, good use of remote, generally easy to use
Cons: Awkward keypad free text search
Pick of the apps: iPlayer, YouTube, LoveFilm, Google Maps, Skype, Facebook, Twitter

Samsung delivers apps in style

Best of the bunch was Samsung’s ‘Internet@TV’ we tried out on the 55C8000. A cracking selection of catch-up and video-on-demand (YouTube, iPlayer, LoveFilm), social networking apps (Facebook, Twitter) and fun stuff (Google maps looks great on the big screen) is complemented by a unique app store, allowing you to add to your selection with more downloads. Skype is another option, but it’s not quite as good as the Panasonic version and requires a separate web cam. Skype basically lets you use the TV as a huge video phone.

Responsive remote makes the difference

Samsung Internet@TV

It also happens to be the easiest to use internet TV. Set-up is straightforward, making the instruction manual feel a bit redundant. The responsive and well laid out remote (including an ‘Internet@TV’ button) makes navigating apps such as iPlayer painless. The clean, logical layout of YouTube made it a favourite for our testers and the app layout can be customised for different members of the family.

However, entering text is fiddly. Letters corresponding to keys are displayed on screen, but aren’t on the remote. You have to play a load of head tennis, glancing between remote and screen which isn’t ideal.

Internet TV is just a fraction of what the C8000 has to offer. Find out how it fared in our 3DTV test and for the full story check out our unrivalled full LED TV review