Your family finances

Budgeting, saving and shopping for a baby - we'll help you find smart ways to manage your money when starting (or growing) a family.

  • How to budget for having a baby

    5 min read

    Getting to grips with your finances as early as possible during pregnancy will give you peace of mind – and budgeting needn’t be a chore if you follow some straightforward steps.

  • Money-saving tips for expectant parents

    8 min read

    Whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or your due date is fast approaching, these thrifty tips will help you cut costs, shop smart and avoid overspending before your baby arrives.

  • Working parents: pay, leave and employment rights

    10 min read

    Employed and expecting a baby? It’s important to understand what time off work and pay you’re entitled to once your baby arrives, as well as during the pregnancy – we explain the key options.

  • Money-saving tips for new parents

    7 min read

    While bringing up a baby is never going to be cheap, there are smart and simple ways you can save on both day-to-day expenses and big-ticket purchases. Take a look at our tips to give your bank balance a bit more breathing space.

  • Financial support and benefits for families

    7 min read

    We run through everything you need to know about child benefit, child tax credit, Healthy Start vouchers, and other government schemes which help new and expectant parents.

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