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Virgin Media supports our broadband speed campaign

Virgin Media has come out in support of our campaign to end confusing advertising of broadband speeds.


We want to pull the plug on confusing broadband ads

17th November

Today we’re calling on advertising watchdogs to tighten up guidelines on speed claims in broadband ads.

Did you know that speeds quoted in broadband ads only need to apply to 10% of customers? No? You're not alone - nine in ten people aren't aware of this rule.

People told us that speed is the second most important factor when choosing a broadband deal (88%), beaten only by price at 94%. With speed playing such a big role in convincing people which deal to go with, we don’t think it's right for providers to entice customers in with speed claims most of them may never receive.

In fact, we found that a quarter of people would choose a different deal if they had better information on speeds. Speed becomes around three times more important to people choosing a broadband package when the speed is based on what 90% of customers would get, rather than just 10%.

Confusing broadband advertising

Our executive director Richard Lloyd said: 

'Internet connection is now an essential part of modern life so it beggars belief that providers can sell people short by advertising speeds that only 10% of customers could receive.'

We want the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) to pull the plug on confusing broadband ads. Vague claims like 'superfast' need to be quantified, and providers should show the speeds the majority of customers will actually get.

Richard Lloyd adds:

'In the meantime, companies need to be more up-front with customers about the speeds they can expect.'

So if you've had it 'up to' here with confusing speed claims, sign our petition to help us convince advertising watchdogs to give us broadband ads we can trust.


ASA tells BT to give accurate speed estimates

The ASA has upheld a complaint from a BT customer who claimed they were misled as to the speed they could achieve on their line.

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Sorry, you’re wrong - the speeds quoted in broadband ads only need to apply to 10% of customers. Yes, just 10% of customers.

Simpler broadband switching to help customers

Ofcom has announced measures to make it easier for customers to switch their landline and broadband provider in one simple step.


Have you ever haggled for a better broadband deal?

If you do one thing today, pick up the phone and call your broadband provider. Our latest investigation has shown it’s definitely worth getting in touch if you want a better deal.

UK broadband less than half of advertised speeds

Average broadband download speeds are still less than half of advertised headline speeds, a large-scale Ofcom speed test has revealed.

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You’re right – the speeds quoted in broadband ads only need to apply to 10% of customers. You’re in the small minority of people who know about this rule.
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