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Campaign win: new measures to help broadband customers

Ofcom chief executive Sharon White today issued a challenge to the industry to improve service, announcing new measures to make sure that communications providers put customers first.

The measures were announced following an event at the Which? offices this morning.

Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd said:

'Which? warmly welcomes the very clear commitment made by the new chief executive of Ofcom to putting the interests of consumers at the centre of everything the regulator does.'

Ms White outlined four areas where the industry needs to improve:

· Better information in advertising and promotion
· Easier switching
· Clear and fair contract terms with no hidden charges or lock-ins
· Better complaints handling

New measures to help consumers

Ofcom has revised its Code of Practice on broadband speeds, which will improve customers' right to leave their broadband contract without penalty if speeds are poor. This was one of our central campaign asks, along with requiring ISPs to give customers written speed estimates at the start of their contract - another area that has been beefed up in the new code.

Richard Lloyd said:

'We've called for moves to make it easier to switch telecoms provider, so we're pleased to see Ofcom's response and look forward to swift action to tackle this and other problems facing consumers and competition in the communications market.

'Unreliable broadband speeds drive consumers crazy, so we also welcome the regulator telling providers to give better information on the speeds customers will realistically achieve, and to let people leave their contracts without penalty if they don’t get what is promised.'

Thanks to everyone who has supported our Give us Broadband speed guaranteed campaign. Over 70,000 people have signed our petition so far.

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Virgin Media supports our broadband speed campaign

Virgin Media has come out in support of our campaign to end confusing advertising of broadband speeds.


ASA tells BT to give accurate speed estimates

The ASA has upheld a complaint from a BT customer who claimed they were misled as to the speed they could achieve on their line.

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Sorry, you’re wrong - the speeds quoted in broadband ads only need to apply to 10% of customers. Yes, just 10% of customers.

Simpler broadband switching to help customers

Ofcom has announced measures to make it easier for customers to switch their landline and broadband provider in one simple step.


Have you ever haggled for a better broadband deal?

If you do one thing today, pick up the phone and call your broadband provider. Our latest investigation has shown it’s definitely worth getting in touch if you want a better deal.

UK broadband less than half of advertised speeds

Average broadband download speeds are still less than half of advertised headline speeds, a large-scale Ofcom speed test has revealed.

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You’re right – the speeds quoted in broadband ads only need to apply to 10% of customers. You’re in the small minority of people who know about this rule.
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