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27th October 27 Oct

European Parliament demands better testing for cars

The European Parliament today passed a resolution calling for improved EU emissions testing and supporting thorough investigation of the possible emission testing fraud. 

After the Volkswagen emissions scandal, this is a step in the right direction, showing a strong will to restore consumers' confidence.

Pressure for better fuel tests

This resolution now puts additional pressure on the European Commission to better protect people against misleading fuel and emissions claims.

In particular, the resolution calls for:

- Real world tests to supplement laboratory testing, not only for air pollutants but also CO2 (and in turn fuel consumption);
- Conformity testing of production and in-use vehicles;
- Fuel consumption figures provided to consumers to be based on  real world driving performance and not laboratory based findings;
- For further EU oversight of the type approval process and to consider the establishment of an EU wide surveillance authority;
- A robust EU-wide coordinated investigation into vehicle test manipulation;
- For consumers to be compensated when they have been misled and wrong-doing is confirmed

A victory for our supporters

The resolution echoes many of our campaign asks and we'll continue to engage at EU level to ensure that misleading fuel claims are a thing of the past.


Public trust in the car industry badly damaged

The effect of the VW scandal has spread beyond just those affected to owners of other cars.

Government plans to launch investigation into vehicle emissions

The government today said that it planned to launch an investigation into vehicle emissions.

Our tests show eco cars are not as eco as they claim

Of all the cars we tested in 2012, the ultra-efficient small cars showed the greatest difference between our own mpg tests and the EU tests used by manufacturers.
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