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Food prices


Victory! All 10 supermarkets commit to consistent unit pricing

4th December

All of the UK’s supermarkets have now committed to making their pricing clearer and simpler for shoppers.

This is a big win for the 33,000 people who signed up to our Price it Right campaign, so thank you for your support!

Everyone wants to know what the cheapest deal is at a glance, without having to get a calculator out. Following our campaigning work, four supermarkets promised to improve their unit pricing in July 2013. This, combined with further pressure on the Government and the supermarkets, has resulted in the other six following suit today.

BIS today announced that:

• All 10 supermarkets are committed to displaying a consistent unit price across similar products.
• Six out of the 10 supermarkets include the unit price on promotions for multi-buys of the same item.
• All 10 supermarkets are improving the visibility of the labels on supermarket shelves, such as with bigger fonts and stripping out unnecessary information.

Consumer Minister Jo Swinson said:

‘It is great that [supermarkets] have committed to greater consistency and clearer labels. We will now look at the current legislation to see if it’s preventing supermarkets from making further improvements.’

Our executive director Richard Lloyd said:

‘We now need the remaining supermarkets to commit to making special offer deals simpler to understand. With rising food prices one of consumers’ top worries, it’s only right that supermarkets play fair and help consumers find the best deal.’

So, if you want to carry on the good work with us, help us make special offers special by signing our latest petition.


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