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Campaigns | Fees and charges

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Consumers frustrated by unauthorised overdraft fees

Our research shows that around 2.5 million people used an unauthorised overdraft in the last 12 months and more than two thirds think charges are too high or unfair.

Around a third of people are surprised by the amount they're charged when going overdrawn, so we're calling for banks to tackle the fees and charges associated with unauthorised overdrafts.

Overdraft charges

Our executive director, Richard Lloyd said:

'Consumers are fed up of being hit by complex and costly charges which make it almost impossible for them to shop around for the best deal for their needs.'

We’re calling on all banks and overdraft providers to sign up to, promote and encourage their customers to use the Government’s midata scheme, which would allow people to compare the amount they would be charged in bank fees between different accounts.

We also want providers to allow their customers to opt-in and opt-out of unauthorised overdrafts at no extra cost, with opt out being the default option when the account is set up.

Stung by bank charges 

Campaign supporter Yvonne told us: 'I've been stung with bank charges for being over drawn for less than £1 for less than a day!'

We want all banks and current account providers to Stop Sneaky Fees and Charges and put an end to excessive, unclear and hard to compare unauthorised overdraft fees that could leave consumers paying over the odds. You can help by signing our peition and sharing your exmapels of sneaky fees.

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