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Win! Plans to end double bill payments when switching

29th July

In a win for our Unlock Better Mobile Deals campaign, the regulator Ofcom has today announced proposals to bring an end to double bill payments for mobile switchers.

Currently mobile switchers looking to change providers could find themselves stung with a double bill payment to their old and new providers within the first month of switching.

Ending double bill payments

To tackle the number of customers caught by the problem, Ofcom has today launched a consultation on new rules it’s proposing to introduce.

Ofcom estimates that ending double bill payments could save switchers £13m a year.

Ofcom put forward options earlier this year to overhaul the switching process. These included provider-led switching services and making it easier to keep mobile phone numbers. Almost six million people have never switched provider.

Simpler switching

Today’s announcement should come as welcome news to the more than 75,000 supporters who’ve backed our campaign to make mobile switching hassle free.

Ofcom’s consultation will run until September. It’s expected that the regulator will announce its decision with reforms to improve the overall switching process toward the end of this year.

The reforms can’t come soon enough. If you want to see Ofcom bring through simpler switching straight away, please sign our petition to unlock better mobile deals.


Win! EE to drop all unlocking fees

EE has announced that it will be dropping all fees to unlock mobile phones.


Vodafone, EE and Three respond

Yesterday we revealed that mobile customers are collectively overpaying by £355m a year for handsets they’ve already paid for. Read how the main offenders - Vodafone, EE and Three - responded to our call for action.

New cap for lost or stolen phones falls short

The Government has announced a new voluntary agreement with five major mobile operators to tackle shock phone bills.


Win! EE cuts mobile unlocking fees

27th February

Giffgaff announces its support for our campaign

Giffgaff today came out in support of our campaign to Unlock Better Mobile Deals.

The mobile provider already matches what we're calling for, such as selling mobiles unlocked and separating the cost of your handset from the service charge.

Mike Fairman, chief executive officer of giffgaff, said:

'It is great to hear that our approach is so closely aligned to the campaign by Which? to "unlock better mobile deals". We work with our members to ensure transparency and offer them a range of unlocked, contract free phones with the option to change their plan whenever they want.'

Giffgaff's support follows news last week that mobile providers across the US will automatically notify their customers as soon they are eligible to unlock thier handset. It’s now time for the UK’s mobile providers to follow suit.


Victory for mobile unlocking in the US - what about in the UK?

All mobile operators in the US now have to unlock mobile phones and tablets at the end of your contract. In the UK, we want providers to follow the US’s lead and make switching easier by unlocking handsets automatically for free.

Mobile users should not foot bill for fraud

We're calling on Britain's biggest mobile phone operators to play fair with their customers one year after they promised to protect people facing massive bills if their phone is lost or stolen.

New protections against mobile phone bill shock

New proposals from the Government will protect consumers from huge bills run up on stolen mobiles.

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