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Campaigns | Train delays and customer service

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  1. We found shockingly low levels of satisfaction with UK train services
  2. You shared your train stories with us - both good and bad
  3. Your experiences are getting the train companies back on track

Your train tales

Train travellers have been sharing their experiences of the UK Rail Network

Michael is concerned about the ease of buying a ticket

'Many of our local stations are unmanned. Some have ticket machines that take cards but not cash. Ticket collectors/conductors are available on the trains and expect to issue tickets. However, often the conductor never gets round before the train arrives at Leeds and passengers have to queue up to purchase a ticket before they can exit the barrier or continue on their journey.'

Riina is fed up with cramped conditions:

'Every morning the trains are so full - there is even no room to turn around or move your hands. The conditions are horrible.'

Andrew believes his penalty fare was unfair:

'A ticket inspector attempted to charge a penalty fare without complying with the Penalty Fares Rules (2002). The Authorised Collector has the obligation to inform the passenger of their right to challenge the penalty. This was not done. During the same incident, I was also falsely accused of supplying a false name and address.'

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