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Consumer Rights.

Updated: 4 Mar 2021

How do I stop unwanted premium rate texts?

Have you discovered you're paying for premium rate texts you don't want and didn't ask for? Follow our advice to stop paying for these unwanted text messages.
Which?Editorial team

1 'STOP' unwanted premium texts

If you receive an unwanted message you suspect might be a premium rate text, you should use the PSA Number Checker to check for the name and contact details for the company running the service.

If it is a legitimate service, you should:

  • reply to the message with 'STOP ALL'
  • keep the text as evidence for a complaint

If the company isn’t legitimate, check your phone bill online or contact your service provider to see if you’ve been charged.

If you have been they can advise you on how to stop being charged again in the future.

Is it a spam text?

If you believe the text message is spam, you can report this directly to your mobile phone provider.

All operators now use 7726 as the number to use to report spam texts messages, which is free of charge.

You'll get a message back when you text this number asking you to send a second text with the actual number that texted you.

We have more information in our free guide on how to deal with spam messages.

2 Complain to the company

If you’ve replied ‘STOP’ or and charges continue, you should make a complaint to the company that runs the service in the first instance by finding their details in the Number Checker.

If you’ve already tried this you can make another complaint to your mobile service provider.

3 Complain to Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA)

If you’re unable to contact the company or they fail to resolve your complaint, contact the UK regulator for content, goods and services, charged to a phone bill -PSA. 

You can call their free helpline on 0300 30 300 20 from 9.30am - 12.30m Monday to Friday.

You can also make a complaint at any time on their website.

If a particular service is found to be 'misleading' by PSA, you may also be entitled to a refund. 

In most cases though, refunds will not be given to those who agree - accidentally or not - to receive premium rate text messages.

4 Prevent future premium rate issues

You can ask your phone network provider to bar all premium rate calls or texts from being made from your phone.

Simply contact your provider and ask them to set this bar for your phone number.