Tenant in breach of contract

If your tenant leaves without giving proper notice, they will be in breach of contract.

You're entitled to charge rent up to the date when the tenancy should have expired, or up to the end of the tenancy agreement if it was for a fixed term.

You won't be able to claim rent after you've re-let the property to another tenant, except of course for any existing arrears which are owed.  

Going to the small claims court

It's your responsibility to bring a claim against the tenant for the unpaid rent in the County Court.

If your claim is for a sum less than £10,000, then it will be dealt with in the small claims court.

It's also possible to issue proceedings online at Money Claim Online via the court website.

If you're thinking of using the small claims court, use our template letter before you do. 

Renting guide

The Department for Communities and Local Government has produced a How to Rent guide, which includes some useful tips for both landlords and tenants. 

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