Enjoying your leisure time is important and that means getting what you’ve paid for. What if those tickets for a sporting event or a much-loved band don't turn up? Or if a restaurant meal is unpalatable? Our guides can help ensure you’re not out of pocket.

Restaurant rights

A disappointing experience in a restaurant can ruin a special occasion but you may be able to claim compensation if things don’t go to plan. From poor restaurant service to booking problems, our guides help you pursue a complaint and seek redress.

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Event tickets

Buying tickets online can sometimes be a tricky business - especially if you’re not sure if the ticket seller is official and your tickets fail to turn up at all. Read our guides to help you if things go wrong.

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Cruises & ferries

If you experience a problem before or during your cruise, such as unexpected itinerary changes, you may be able to claim compensation. Find out what regulations apply to package travel and what you need to do to seek redress.