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[Your address]

[University address]

Dear [name of faculty head],

Ref: Appeal of [Module grade / Degree result]

Date of notification of decision of result [insert date]

Student ID number: [add number]

I would like to appeal the result of my [degree/ module] on the grounds that 

[there were mitigating circumstances not taken into consideration

there was an administrative or clerical error in arriving at the mark

unfair bias shown by a member of academic staff

a penalty or mark deduction imposed was unfair or disproportionate].

On the [date of relevant incident and details of incident]

I believe this had an unexpected and unfair detrimental effect on my [module/ degree] result.  

I believe that the grounds for my appeal fall within the guidelines set out by the University’s academic appeals and complaints procedure.  

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

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