Ofsted is unlikely to become involved unless you have followed the official complaints procedure of your nursery or childminder.

If you have done this and your complaint is still not resolved, use our letter to complain to Ofsted. 

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[Your name and address]
[Name and address of nursery/childminder]

To [Complaints Manager – Early Years Childcare],

I am writing to make a complaint about [name of nursery/childminder].

I feel unable to make a complaint to [my nursery/childminder] directly and would like to lodge my complaint with you.


I have completed the internal complaints procedure at [name of nursery] and am still not satisfied that my complaint has been adequately dealt with.

I would be grateful if you would investigate my complaint in full and deal with it as a formal complaint.

The full details of my complaint are as follows:

[add details of the complaint that you have made and any subsequent action that has been taken, including dates when you have spoken with the nursery or childminder]

[include any supporting documentation that is relevant, including a copy of the written complaint you submitted to the nursery/childminder]  

I look forward to receiving your acknowledgement of my complaint within three working days.

Yours faithfully,

[Your name]

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