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BT Privacy wins approval

Customers flock to BT call id scheme

One BT customer every three seconds is signing up to the phone giant’s new service to thwart nuisance calls.

Since it was launched in July a million households – at a rate of 30,000 every day – have signed up to BT’s Privacy. It gives free caller display to BT customers making calls on its network, allowing them to preview the numbers of incoming calls.

It also signs up BT customers with the Telephone Preference Service, the opt out list that lets people register their wish not to receive unsolicited sales and marketing calls. Norfolk pensioner William Bates, 84, registered a couple of weeks ago.

‘I’d been getting bombarded by calls from all sorts of companies, all trying to sell me stuff I didn’t want and didn’t need. I’m at home most of the day and at one stage I was getting half a dozen calls a day.’

‘It’s similar with other pensioners in my road – all getting bothered by these sales forces. Not all of them are as able as me to get around the house to answer the phone.’ Prior to the launch BT’s own Nuisance Calls Bureaux were logging 130,000 complaints a month and its chief operating officer John Petter says the scheme has proved a huge success.

‘The interest has been phenomenal and the huge numbers have taken us by surprise. To have a customer sign up every three seconds is remarkable and just shows what an irritant many of these calls are’.

He added: ‘It’s clear that our customers are telling us that they don’t want silent calls and some of them don’t want to receive unsolicited marketing calls. We encourage our 18 million other customers to sign up for free and enjoy some extra privacy – at the moment they are getting bothered unnecessarily.’

BT customers can sign up to BT Privacy by calling 0800 121 8000 or by registering online.

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