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PlayStation Portable

New PlayStation Portable sells out.

Sony’s new portable games console finally went on sale today in the UK as shoppers scrambled to get one.

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) offers ‘instant access to games, music and movies wherever you are and whatever you’re doing’.

It’s been available in Japan since the end of last year. In the US it sold half a million in just two days when it was launched in March.

Stores across the UK opened at midnight to cope with the rush but almost immediately some sold out, partly due to pre-orders. Sony hopes to sell a million in the UK by Christmas, and said that the launch was delayed for months so it could build up enough stock.

The PSP, which sells for £179, features a high resolution screen, built-in stereo speakers and PlayStation2-comparable graphics. It also has a battery life of up to six hours. Overall, our testers preferred it to the new Nintendo Gameboy when we reviewed both in May. We imported [www.lik-sang.com] our PSP for £149 plus import duty.

We were impressed with the PSP’s stunning graphics. As well as offering games, the PSP has a wireless feature allowing users to connect to the internet so they can download game characters and content, and play online.

The PSP will compete with Nintendo’s new Gameboy.

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