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How to get More4

Get More4 nothing

Channel 4 is launching a new digital television channel on Monday evening (10 October), the first of two channels to go live this autumn.

Programme chiefs say More4 will show the best of world documentaries and films, together with high-quality news and current affairs and home-grown contemporary drama.

The start of November will also see the launch of ITV 4, which will be aimed primarily at men aged 25-44 and will concentrate on drama, comedy, movies and sport.

Programme highlights on More4 – which will broadcast from 4pm to 6am – include topical talk show The Last Word and the new series of sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm and also of cult hit The West Wing.

How to get More4

More4 is free, but viewers with Freeview may need to retune their box to receive it. If the box has updated automatically, More4 should appear at channel 13. However, if channel 13 is still S4C2 then the box will need to be rescanned manually.

Different box models take between three and 30 minutes to rescan and viewers may be unable to watch TV during this time.

The digital TV set or box will scan for all digital channels that it can receive and will store some of the channels with new numbers. If channels disappear through the rescan process this could be due to poor weather or a weak digital signal and will need to be rescanned another time.

However, the box will not retain any personal settings such as ‘favourites’ and parental lock and these will need to be reset.

On Sky, More4 should appear on Channel 165 while on NTL cable it should be at 166 and 142 on Telewest cable.

On Freeview it will be at channel 13, except in Wales were it will be on channel 35 until October 18 and will then revert to 13.

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