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BT enhances car security

BT technology tracks stolen cars

BT has launched a new car security system which uses global positioning technology to pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle to within a few feet.

The Trackit system combines wireless technology, advanced in-car electronics and satellite navigation to monitor and identify when a car is moved without authorisation.

Mobile technology tells BT’s service support centre when the vehicle is stolen. The owner is then informed while the centre coordinates with police to arrange for the vehicle’s ignition to be disabled when parked.

BT says Trackit can trace a car anywhere in the UK and across Europe and gives customers the benefit of an immediate police response.

BT says the system was put to the test when its product manager David Thomas had his Audi A4 stolen from outside his home. The system helped him find his stolen car abandoned six miles from his home in Kings Heath, Birmingham, just 50 minutes after he discovered it had been taken.

The system costs GBP 299 plus installation and is available direct to customers from BT’s dedicated website or via main car dealerships.

Which? car expert David Evans said: ‘Car tracking systems are a good thing if they get your car back quickly but the key question is whether having this system will give you a discount on your insurance. If you’ve paid out GBP 300 and you’re still paying standard insurance charges then you’re really just helping the insurers.’

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