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Jersey’s cheap DVDs

Savings offered by Jersey-based websites

A scrap between Tesco and Amazon over which one sells the cheapest CDs and DVDs has highlighted the savings offered at Jersey-based websites.

A ruling on some aspects of the battle comes just weeks after Which? challenged Tesco over a claim earlier this year that chart CDs and DVDs on its mainland Tesco.com website were cheaper than those found at Amazon.co.uk.

After we reported Tesco to trading standards officers (TSOs), the supermarket moved the claim to its Jersey website, which is generally cheaper, but said this decision had nothing to do with Which? or TSOs.

Buying from Jersey can often be cheaper because Jersey doesn’t charge VAT on products bought in Jersey. And, although usually when you import goods from Jersey you have to pay VAT when you get them, items costing less than GBP 18 are exempt.

Shop around

In the latest round of the fight, Tesco’s Jersey site has come under fire from Amazon. Amazon complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that price comparisons with Amazon deals quoted by Tesco on its Jersey site were ‘unfair and misleading’.

It was unhappy that Tesco compared its own Jersey prices with Amazon’s mainland site, not its Jersey site, which is cheaper. Amazon said that shoppers could buy some chart DVDs from Amazon Jersey for less than the price on Tesco Jersey. But the watchdog ruled that Tesco was allowed to make the comparison with Amazon’s mainland site.

However, the ASA rapped Tesco for not making clear that comparisons related to single-item purchases. This meant that Amazon’s free delivery offer for orders over GBP 19 through its mainland UK site wasn’t taken into account in Tesco’s price comparisons.

Our advice is: shop around – and make sure you check out deals from Jersey. There are more details about the tax rules from the HM Revenue and Customs website.

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