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New logo for HDTV

Big brands agree on standard HDTV logo.

A new logo has been unveiled to help consumers identify bona fide high-definition televison (HDTV) receivers.

The logo accompanies a set of standards for the product agreed by an industry association called EICTA.

All the electronics big hitters – including Sony, Sanyo, Toshiba, Panasonic and Philips – have signed up. The logo will guarantee that a product has met the standards and is suitable for receiving the signals and compatible with TVs capable of showing the broadcasts.

HDTV is being hailed as a revolutionary development but before this agreement there was no European standard.

We’re impressed by the improved picture clarity of HDTV broadcasts. Which? expert Michael Briggs says:’If you’re buying a new TV and want to receive the full benefit of HDTV broadcasts, make sure you look for the “HD Ready” logo.

‘But bear in mind that, to get HDTV, as well as buying the necessary equipment, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription service for the forseeable future. There are no firm plans for HD terrestrial broadcasts (Freeview)at present.’

There will be lots more on HDTV in our November issue.

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