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Sony MP3 Walkman

A brand new MP3 player hits the market.

Sony has released its new MP3 Walkman which it calls the ‘most stylish and sophisticated digital audio player’ ever.

The player stores up to 13,000 songs and has a battery life of up to 35 hours. It also offers features such as an ‘artist link’. While you’re listening to a track, you can press the artist link button and the MP3 Walkman will search, find and display similar artists in that genre.

The larger 20Gb model costs GBP 199 while its smaller, 6Gb sibling, which can carry up to 4,000 songs and has 20 hours battery life, costs GBP 159.

Like a mobile phone, the Walkman’s display features nine navigational icons on the home menu from which you can access tracks.

Sony says the search method is much simpler to use than that of other players as it’s easy to jump straight to the artist, album or song via the artist’s initials, rather than scrolling up and down a long list.

The MP3 Walkman also has a ‘My favourite shuffle’ facility which selects the most listened-to 100 songs and plays them at random, while the ‘Time machine shuffle’ randomly selects a year and plays all of the songs from that particular year that are currently held on the device.

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