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More spent on boys

Parents spend more on boys at Christmas.

Parents will spend almost GBP 100 more on sons than on daughters this Christmas because boys want more expensive toys – and are better at pestering.

That’s according to a poll by  Woolworths which found that parents spend an average GBP 223 on presents for a boy compared with GBP127 on those for a girl.

The survey of 3,500 parents found that boys want more expensive electronic goods, such as the new Sony PSP games console, and are better at pestering to get them.

Girls prefer to receive lots of cheaper presents such as Bratz dolls and trinkets, says the store.

Woolworths top five boys’ toys for Christmas add up to more than GBP 428 in total – about GBP 260 more than the total for the top five girls’ toys.

More technology in boys’ gifts

Woolworths’ Head Of Toys, Jo Hall, said: ‘The must-have boys’ toys are always more expensive because they involve more technology than girls’ toys.

‘Boys are more likely to want to add to their computer game collection or have the latest gadget, all of which are more expensive than the latest hair accessory or Barbie or Bratz doll.’

Parents said presents were a big cause of arguments between siblings on Christmas Day – especially if one had more gifts to open than the other.

Woolworths’ top five Christmas toys for boys are:

  • Roboraptor: GBP 89.99
  • Sony PSP (Playstation Portable): GBP179.99
  • Robosapien: GBP 63.99
  • Tyco Cyber Shocker: GBP 74.99
  • Star Wars Lightsaber: GBP 19.99
  • Total: GBP 428.95.

The store’s top five Christmas toys for girls are:

  • Amazing Amanda: GBP 69.99
  • Furby: GBP 39.99
  • Bratz Babyz Doll: GBP 19.99
  • Bratz Rock Angelz Doll: GBP 19.99
  • Barbie Cinderella and Prince: GBP 12.49
  • Total: GBP 162.45.

Meanwhile, stores have been selling out the new Microsoft Xbox 360 games system, which went on sale in the UK on Friday.

Neil Thompson, head of Xbox in northern Europe, said on launch day:`Everybody is saying that they are selling out very, very quickly. The rush to store was as big as everyone thought it would be. I don’t anticipate people being able to just walk into a retailer to pick one up.’

Microsoft refused to tell us whether consumers stood much of a chance of being able to buy one on the high street before Christmas. However, it said it was replenishing stores ‘week by week’. It also has a list of Xbox 360 retailers on its  website.

We’ll be reviewing the Xbox 360 in our February issue.

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