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Apple launches faster laptop

Apple unveils a new, superfast laptop

Computer giant Apple has unveiled a new laptop which it says is four to five times faster than its predecessor.

The MacBook Pro, which is just one inch thick and weighs 5.6lb (2.5kg), is quicker because of a new Intel chip which will be rolled out to all new Mac machines this year. The Intel Core Duo processor is also in the new 17in (43cm) screen iMac, making it two to three times faster than the previous model.

The new Apple notebook computer has a 15.4in (39cm) screen and a built-in camera which means users can access video conferencing or make their own films. This camera is also built into the new, faster iMacs, and both machines come with Apple’s updated iLife software which allows users to arrange photo collections, set up websites and download music.

Computing Which? Senior Researcher Lisa Barber said: ‘Traditionally, Apple Macs have made up about 3 per cent of the overall sale of computers in the UK, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what effect Apple’s new laptop will have on the market.’

The MacBook Pro is available from February. Visitors to the online Apple Store can pre-order now. The MacBook Pro costs GBP1,429 for 1.67GHz or GBP1,779 for 1.83 GHz. Apple has already begun shipping the 1.83GHz iMac, which costs GBP929.

The computer giant has also announced a remote control, which can receive FM radio signals, for the iPod Nano and fifth-generation iPod. It allows users to skip tracks and adjust the volume of their iPod even when it’s in a pocket or backpack, as well as listen to FM radio stations. The iPod Radio Remote costs GBP 35 and is available from Apple stores.

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