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Cheap petrol website

Website to show cheapest petrol stations

Motorists can now sign up to a website which claims to show the cheapest places to buy petrol.

Petrolprices.com has the pump prices of about 10,000 UK service stations and claims to update the prices at about 8,000 of them every working day.

To find the prices of local petrol stations, you enter your postcode or town. The site site will display the location of, it’s claimed, the ten cheapest stations and their fuel prices.

The site, which is free to use, compares stations in a radius of five, ten or 20 miles and the service, although in major cities, you can search a two-mile radius.

To test the website we searched for the cheapest unleaded fuel within a ten mile radius of the Which? offices in central London. It came back with 267 filling stations, with prices ranging from 86.9p (at Sainsbury’s) to 95.8p per litre (the site didn’t name the most expensive station).

Rising cost of petrol

Fubra Ltd, the company behind the site, says the rising cost of fuel spurred it into building Petrolprices.com. It also runs a house price comparison website.

To use Petrolprices.com, you have to register your details. You then get 20 free searches a week. You can also get daily email alerts about the cheapest fuel within a 20-mile radius. The site advertises other services, such as personalised plates.

Which? Motoring Editor Richard Headland said: ‘Petrolprices.com offers a simple, valuable service to motorists – especially in times of uncertain oil prices.

‘By paying the lowest price in your area it’s easily possible to save GBP 5 on every tankful compared with the most expensive petrol prices.’

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