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Mouse curry

Asda curry 'contained mouse head'

A heavily pregnant woman tucking into an Asda curry was horrified to find a mouse head staring back up at her, it’s reported today.

Tricia Rankin, from Hatfield, Hertfordshire, had hoped the lamb and spinach biryani would bring on her labour. Instead she ended up screaming and flinging the dish to the floor.

She told the Welwyn and Hatfield Times newspaper: ‘I thought it was a big piece of meat but then realised the curry was made from minced lamb. I prodded it with the fork and saw it was part of a mouse.’

Ms Rankin, 33, screamed so loudly that her two daughters thought she was about to give birth.

‘I was wary about buying a curry anyway because I am allergic to nuts, but I am also allergic to fur. I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep all night. My throat is sore from being sick, but I just want it all out of my system,’ she said.

An Asda spokeswoman said: ‘We’re very, very sorry and are bending over backwards to get to the bottom of this and will keep the customer fully informed. It’s an unfortunate one off – we’ve had no other complaints about any of our ready meals.’

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