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Pin deadline approaching

Cardholders warned about Pin deadline

Credit and debit cardholders have been warned that from next week they’ll need to know their Pin number to be sure of paying with their chip and Pin cards.

From 14 February almost all credit and debit card purchases will require a four digit Pin – or Personal identification number.

Currently around 99 per cent of all cardholders have at least one chip and Pin card and while most people will be affected by the changeover, there will still be some users who can continue to sign for purchases.

The Association of Payment Clearing Services (Apacs), which is coordinating the roll out of chip and Pin, is reminding all cardholders to make sure they are ready for the changeover and to:

  • contact their card company immediately if they don’t know their Pin. It should take no more than three to five working days to receive a reminder Pin
  • change their Pin at a cash machine to a more memorable number if they have trouble remembering it
  • contact their card company immediately if they have locked their card because they had entered their Pin wrongly three consecutive times
  • contact their card company if they can’t use a Pin because of a disability and need a chip and signature card

Some cardholders will still be able to sign for transactions after the 14 February deadline. These include people with cards which have yet to be upgraded to chip and Pin, cardholders with cards from countries that have yet to upgrade to chip and Pin and disabled cardholders who have a chip and signature card. Cardholders will also be able to sign if the retailer hasn’t upgraded to chip and Pin yet.

In all these cases the Pin pad will automatically recognise that a signature rather than a Pin is required.

Apacs say that over 80 per cent of tills in the UK are now upgraded to chip and Pin and that during 2005 more than 2.85 billion Pin verified transactions were made in the UK.

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