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Food supplement scare

Seven Seas withdraws capsules in dioxin scare

Seven Seas has withdrawn several batches of its food supplements from store shelves after discovering the capsules were contaminated with chemicals linked to cancer.

The affected products include several types cod liver oil supplements, along with glucosamine sulphate and JointCare capsules.

The chemicals found – called dioxins – get into food from the environment. They accumulate in animal fat, particularly in certain types of fish. Dioxins have no immediate health effect, but they can cause health problems, including cancer, if absorbed at a high level over a long period.

Although the the amount of dioxins found in these supplements exceeds legal levels, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that there’s no health risk associated with eating them, and Seven Seas has not said it will offer refunds.

For a full list of the products affected, see the FSA website.

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