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Product recall

Children at risk in Reebok and Ikea product recall

Reebok and Ikea have issued product recalls after fears about children’s safety.

Sportswear giant Reebok is urgently recalling thousands of charm bracelets after a four-year-old American toddler died from lead poisoning after apparently swallowing one of the bracelet’s links.

Around 145,000 of the free heart-shaped bracelets have been given away with purchases of children’s footwear in the UK and Ireland.

At the same time furniture chain Ikea is recalling two children’s cot bases because they might not be safe.

Customers have been warned that there is a problem with the bases on a batch of Tassa and Sniglar cots.

Worries over bracelet lead content

Reebok is recalling the bracelets over fears that they contain high levels of lead, following the death of the child in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The bracelets are eight inches long, made from silver-coloured metal and have the name Reebok engraved on the side of a heart-shaped charm.

The sportswear firm warned that the gift should be immediately taken away from children and advised British customers to call its helpline on 0800 305050.

Reebok promises ‘aggressive’ recall process

Reebok President & CEO Paul Harrington said: ‘The day we were notified that there might have been a connection between Reebok and this death we aggressively began our recall process.

‘I want to assure all of our consumers and our retailers that I will do everything in my power to ensure that no other family and no other child suffers from a similar tragedy.’

Glue problem with Ikea’s Tassa and Sniglar cots

Ikea says that some of its cot bases may not have not been correctly glued and as a result they may not meet European safety standards.

It wants all customers who have bought a Tassa or Sniglar cot after August 2005 to return the bed base to their local store where they will receive a new base.

The cots measure 55cm x 112cm, and are marked with ID number 15333 and ‘Made in Poland’. Ikea says that no incidents involving the cots had been reported and that no other cots were affected.

The recall affects customers in the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Austria, and Italy.


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