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Gardeners friend

Hedgehogs are on the march

Anyone cutting the lawn this weekend should watch out for hedgehogs emerging from hibernation, says a hedgehog welfare group.

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) says many of the little animals suffer terrible injuries each year from strimmers and garden forks.

The BHPS adds that the newly awakened hedgehogs will need food and water as soon as they emerge. Offering meat-based pet food and fresh water will help them to replenish lost fat reserves in time for the breeding season.

Hedgehogs are gardener’s friend

Hedgehogs are considered the gardener’s friend since they can help keep slugs and snails under control. But recent surveys suggest that hedgehog numbers are falling.

The BHPS has now produced a new leaflet called Gardening with Hedgehogs for anyone wishing to help the prickly visitors.

It includes advice on reducing some of the hazards hedgehogs find in typical gardens, such as netting, ponds and drains.

The BHPS advises against taking a hedgehog from the wild and putting it in your garden, or taking one from your garden and putting it elsewhere, since young hedgehogs may die if they’re separated from a parent.

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