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High energy prices

Energy bills are major worry

A gas ring

People are more worried about the soaring cost of their household energy than their health, according to a new survey.

The cost of household fuel was a source of worry for 65 per cent of respondents; personal health and well-being worried 49 per cent, and paying off debts was a concern for 45 per cent.

And 77 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed feared they’d wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for gas and electricity in the future.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust (EST), a non-profit body which advises people on energy-saving measures, commissioned the survey. It found that 62 per cent said they’d be more likely to cut energy consumption if the government linked people’s energy efficiency to a rebate in their council tax.

Nearly nine out of ten householders surveyed would consider installing solar panels and wind turbines in their homes to generate their own electricity.

The EST believes greater energy efficiency could save the UK GBP 7.5 billion on bills each year. Its Chief Executive, Philip Sellwood, said 2 million consumers had become more energy efficient in the last two years.

Switch with Which?

This year has seen a series of steep electricity and gas price rises from Scottish and Southern Energy, British Gas, Powergen, Scottish Power, EDF and Npower.

Which? runs its own impartial energy price comparison site where you can check out which supplier offers the best deal for your gas and electricity.

People can save, on average, GBP 160 by switching suppliers – with the biggest savings likely to be made by people who haven’t switched before.

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