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Sharp misleads consumers

ASA raps Sharp over HDTV claim

Electronics giant Sharp has been criticised for wrongly claiming a TV would be ‘ideal’ for watching high-definition (HD) TV.

The company advertised the Aquos P-Series as ‘the perfect LCD TV’ which was ‘ideal for viewing the new high-definition pictures coming soon on satellite and disc’.

But following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Sharp admitted that while viewers would be able to receive and watch HD signals on the TVs, the pictures wouldn’t be at true HD resolution.

HD-ready logo

HD-ready TVs feature 768 or 1080 vertical lines of resolution – the same number of lines as the HD signal. But the Sharp TVs in question have only 540 such lines.

Last September, a new HD-ready logo was unveiled to help consumers identify bona fide HDTVs.

Sharp argued that it didn’t use this ‘HD ready’ logo in the ad, and hadn’t intended to mislead consumers by implying that the P-Series TVs conformed to ‘HD ready’ standards.

But the ASA said that customers would have been misled into thinking the TVs displayed high-definition signals at their true resolution.

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