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BA allowance

BA cuts check-in luggage to one bag

A plane in the sky

British Airways (BA) is to allow economy passengers just one check-in bag each on most routes.

But in a shake-up of its luggage rules coming into force in October, the airline will also remove weight limits on hand luggage, which matches rival Easyjet’s policy. BA says it will require only that you can lift your bag unaided into the overhead locker.

The entitlement for babies’ luggage will also change. It will be one checked-in bag each weighing up to 23 kg – which is 13kg more than the current allowance. The allowance will also include a standard-size bag to take on board, plus a folding pushchair.

One checked-in bag

BA said it had introduced the new rules to ease journeys and cut queues at airports.

Economy passengers will be limited to one checked-in bag weighing 23kg, rather than any number of bags weighing up to this amount in total. However travellers to Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Nigeria, and the US will be able to check in two pieces of luggage.

Which? holiday expert Bob Tolliday said: ‘It’s good news for parents who won’t have to worry about weight limits any more, but telling people they have to cram everything into one suitcase is fairly Draconian.’

Simon Evans, of the Air Transport Users Council , said: ‘I think it’s pretty inflexible to allow only one checked-in bag. It’s definitely a step back in terms of customer convenience.’

From October charges for excess baggage will also change. Economy passengers will be charged flat rates for exceeding the weight limits. Charges will be GBP 30 for domestic flights, GBP 60 for short-haul and GBP 120 for long-haul. And there will be a 20 per cent discount for pre-paying excess charges online.

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