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Speed cameras ‘to cover neighbourhoods’

Speed cameras to be installed in residential areas

Speed cameras are to be installed in residential areas to catch drivers breaking 20mph speed limits, it’s claimed today.

A go slow sign on a road

The Times reports that networks of cameras are to be placed at the exit and entrance points to neighbourhoods as an alternative to road humps.

The cameras are being trialled in Camden, north London and Belfast. They will calculate a vehicle’s average speed and transmit the information to a central control point which will issue a penalty to those who’ve broken the limit.

‘Camera surfers’

The Times says the system has been designed to catch ‘camera surfers’ who slow down as they pass conventional speed cameras and then speed up again. The number of drivers obeying the speed limit in the trial areas has risen by a third.

The cameras are expected to be approved for use by the Home Office in November allowing local authorities to use them in 20mph zones in an attempt to cut the number of crashes caused by drivers speeding up and slowing down.

The Director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, Rob Gifford, told The Times: ‘Replacing humps with these new cameras will benefit law-abiding motorists as well as making streets safer and more attractive.

‘Drivers will stop rat-running through neighbourhoods where they know their speed will be monitored. Many more children will be able to play safely outside.’

Cameras not humps

Which? Motoring Editor Richard Headland said that accident blackspots and areas near schools were often designated as 20mph zones.

He added: ‘While I’m sure many drivers won’t welcome more speed cameras, having these instead of humps will prove popular. Smooth roads mean less wear on cars’ suspension and tyres.’

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