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Telewest offers World Cup in HDTV

Telewest offers World Cup in high definition TV

Telewest will be showing coverage of the World Cup in high definition (HD) after it struck a deal with both the BBC and ITV.

A widescreen television

The aspect ratio of digital TV is suited to widescreen TVs

Viewers who have Telewest’s TVDrive, the company’s HD-ready personal video recorder, and an HD-ready television will be able to watch every match in HD.

Although the BBC and ITV will be recording the matches in HD, unless you subscribe to a specific HD satellite or cable service, you won’t be able to watch World Cup HD broadcasts.

Extra TVDrives

Telewest’s Managing Director of consumer products, Philip Snalune, said: ‘Since we launched Britain’s first HDTV service, thousands of football fans have invested in HD-ready screens in anticipation of the World Cup and we’re flying in additional TVDrives to satisfy demand.

‘For those who aren’t gripped by England’s exploits, we’re also lining up a feast of alternative HD entertainment.’

TVDrive costs GBP 10 to GBP 15 a month on top of a Telewest subscription, which is GBP 16 – GPB 28 a month, depending on which package you have. The more expensive the package, the cheaper the subscription to TVDrive.


As part of the BBC’s HDTV trial, Telewest will also screen Wimbledon and various series such as Planet Earth, Bleak House, The Proms and Later with Jools Holland in HD.

ITV’s trial HD broadcasts, which will also be available to Telewest customers, include classic films including All Quiet on the Western Front and the Big Sleep, plus drama such as Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile and Murder in Mesopotamia.

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