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July 2006

New egg shows when it’s cooked

Two new inventions could spell the end of the humble egg-timer but may be the perfect solution for the generation that doesn't know how to boil an egg.

Woolworths now sells cars

High-street stalwart Woolworths has started selling cars at discounted prices.

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Argos card’s extortionate charges

A £300 iPod could cost you £405 with an Argos Easy Shop store card, this month's Which? warns.

Thames Water tops pollution list

Thames Water’swoes have continued after it emerged that the water giant clocked up the biggest fines for pollution in England and Wales last year.

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Stolen phone crackdown

Britain’s mobile phone networks are joining forces to combat the growing problem of mobile phone theft.

Home makeover pitfall warning

Watch out for home improvement deals where you have to pay everything upfront.

New herbal medicine advice

The medicines watchdog has stepped up its fight against herbal remedies which make bogus claims about their  health benefits.

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BT’s ‘groundbreaking’ DVD deal

Film buffs will soon be able to download Hollywood blockbusters from the internet on the day of their DVD release.

British Gas raises prices again

British Gascustomers face more misery after the energy giant confirmed it will be hiking up energy prices by as much as 12.4 per cent.

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BBC launches podcast trial

News addicts can now download news programmes from the BBC to mobile phones and video iPods.

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