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New egg shows when it’s cooked

Eggs should appear in shops soon


food self timing egg

The self-timing egg

Two new inventions could spell the end of the humble egg-timer but may be the perfect solution for the generation that doesn’t know how to boil an egg.

Quality assurance scheme Lion Quality Eggs has developed an invisible-ink logo which appears in black on the shell when the egg is done. There will be three different versions of the logo, showing when the egg is soft-, medium- or hard-boiled.

The self-timing eggs should be available in shops within the next few months and Lion Quality Eggs says they won’t cost any more than normal eggs.

A spokeswoman said the project was launched in response to a large volume of queries from people asking how to boil eggs properly.


Separately, a student has created the ‘Perfegg’ device which keeps the water temperature constant for 8.5 minutes without reaching boiling point causing the egg white to set but keeping the yolk runny, regardless of egg size.

The Perfegg’s creator, BrunelUniversity design student Ben Harris, said: ‘I love soft-boiled eggs with toasted soldiers but I get so frustrated if I get the timing wrong and the egg is too hard to dip my soldiers in. My design solves this problem.’  

Mr Harris, from Dublin, is in talks about launching his gadget in the UK.

For those that prefer to use a timer: it takes 3 minutes to get a soft-boiled egg and 7 minutes for a hard-boiled egg.


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