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Ski yoghurt advert misleading

It wrongly implied yoghurt contained no additives

Nestle has been criticised by the advertising watchdog after a Ski yoghurt advert misleadingly implied the product contained no additives.

It follows a magazine advert for Ski which featured a child’s handwriting stating: ‘I don’t want pork gelatine, aspartame, locust bean gum, citric acid or potassium sorbate. I just want deliciously simple fruit yoghurt.’

The advert also showed a picture of the yoghurt pot next to the words: ‘Keep it simple. No artificial colour, sweetener or preservative.’

But following a complaint Nestle told the that the Ski yoghurt was made with a synthetic flavouring and the additive E440 (pectin) which requires a chemical process to extract it from fruit and vegetable sources.

It also contains the additive E333 (calcium citrates) which is made by neutralising citric acid with calcium hydroxide.

Breached rules

The Advertising Standards Authority said the advert breached industry rules relating to truthfulness and comparisons.

The watchdog told Nestle not to repeat the advert and added: ‘We considered that, because some of its content was artificial or synthetic or involved the use of chemicals, the Ski yoghurt did contain additives similar to those listed.

‘We concluded that the ad gave a misleading impression of the ingredients of the pictured Ski yoghurt.’

Nestle said its advertising campaign aimed to highlight the simplicity of Ski’s ingredients compared to the complex names of the ingredients in competitors’ yoghurts.

Future adverts

The company said in a statement: ‘It was never our intention to mislead consumers over the ingredients contained within Ski yoghurt. We will study the ASA comments very carefully and ensure that learnings are applied to future advertisements.

‘We can confirm that the advertisement in question is no longer in use.’

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