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Britons spend 50 days a year online

Net-surfing and games keep people glued to PC


New research shows that the average UK broadband user spends about 50 days a year online.

Surfing the net is still the most popular activity for consumers with a high-speed internet connection, but people are increasingly using it for banking and shopping.

A YouGov survey of 15,323 users found they also turned to broadband for traditional entertainment such as listening to the radio, watching TV and making phone calls.

Voip calls

On average, users said they spent seven hours and 54 minutes a week surfing the net. Around four hours and 40 minutes was devoted to playing online games, and three hours and 26 minutes was used up on email.

Watching TV online took an average two hours and 23 minutes and internet shopping took up one hour and 53 minutes.

Phone calls over the internet – known as Voip calls – clocked up one hour and 52 minutes while users averaged one hour and 26 minutes doing their online banking.

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